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Write down the characters shown in the following image, differentiating lower and upper case letters

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For the little hero, soldiers'timely rescue of him was a welcome bonus, but mostly he had just wanted to see everyone else in his class get saved as well.
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As the disaster relief efforts were in full swing, the victims were gradually reminded that care and love from the governments and compatriots would get them through the times of adversity in time.
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What happened to China in the aftermath of the massive earthquake proves that there are no limitations to what the boundless love of the Chinese nation could accomplish.
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Unable to get any news from the epicenter,the commander ordered the airborne troops to land from the air,ignoring the fact that the local meteorological conditions were complex.
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Who launched a rebellion in the country's east.Tensions have risen as the convoy rumbled toward the border, with Western capitals fearing.
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It could spark an escalation in a conflict that has already brought ties with Russia to their lowest point since the Cold War.But as the humanitarian crisis in the east.

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